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Current Work

  • Monthly public meetings at rotating locations around the county. New participants are always welcome! Translation, childcare, and food are always provided.
  • Advocating for increased transportation access and funding in Doña Ana County.
  • Collaborating with La Semilla on a Healthy Food Initiative for Doña Ana County, which would make healthy and affordable food more accessible.
  • Collaborating with ACLU to bring Know Your Rights workshops to rural areas of DAC.
  • Hosting Health & Wellness Fairs in the towns, municipalities, and rural areas of Doña Ana County.


  • Urban and rural residents’ input during a series of meetings across the county resulted in the identification of public transit access as a critical need. The Empowerment Congress of Doña Ana County has worked since our formation in 2012 to advocate for the expansion and improvement of transportation opportunities.

  • The Community Leadership Academy (CLA) was formed in 2013

  • The Youth Committee of Empowerment Congress of Doña Ana County created and facilitated the For Unity Now (F.U.N.) Youth Leadership Conference, which had 90 participants the first year and 150 the second year.

  • Participants in FUN advocated for and were successful in the establishment of a Student Advisory Council to the Las Cruces Public School Board in 2015. It remains the only school board in the state with a student advisory council.

  • In 2016, we participated in a voter registration drive with the C3 table, registering 150 new voters in Doña Ana County
  • In 2016, we held health fairs in La Union and in Hatch.
  • Empowerment Congress members attended the We Won’t Wait Summit in Washington, DC in September 2016, as part of the Strong Families New Mexico delegation.
  • Since 2015, Empowerment Congress members have traveled to Santa Fe during each New Mexico Legislative Session to attend Strong Families New Mexico‘s annual Legislative Advocacy Day.