DescolonizArte Youth: Joceline Roque

Empowerment Congress sees impressive youth in our DescolonizArte program participants.  We prioritize creating a space to allow these future leaders and organizers to  develop their voice and leadership. This month we would like to highlight one of these fantastic young people. She has shown many [...]

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Activism & Youth: Tips to Becoming a Youth Activist

As a teen you know that these years are confusing. You might ask yourself how does the world and society work, how do I find my identity, and how do I fit into it all? Our societal norms have told us that you don’t know [...]

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DescolonizARTE! Empowerment Through Art and Education

The Empowerment Congress of Dona Ana has developed a longstanding connection with the local community’s youth by cultivating a relationship of mutual learning. We believe that every youth can become leaders in their communities. They simply need to be guided there and empowered to use [...]

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Lynn Mural – Descoloniz-ARTE

Empowerment Congress of DAC is one of the many community partners that delivers youth programming at Lynn Community Middle School.  EC and Lynn share a vision where youth voices are provided space in our community so that they can express who they are and where [...]

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