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Sunland Park

EC supported the community of Anapra with leadership development and community organizing trainings in Sunland Park so that residents could advocate for a storm-water pump to remove floodwater from their streets. They also advocated for the reversal of plans to convert their neighborhood into a city park, which was the intention of the City in its most recent comprehensive plan.

Anapra Community Team

Health Impact Accomplishments

Leaders advocated for vital storm-water pumps in their neighborhood.

City of Sunland Park began construction in November 2018 and completed in April 2019

Leaders advocated for their neighborhood to remain residential in the

Sunland Park Comprehensive Plan Vision 2040

Anapra team continues to meet to address other environmental health problems

and concerns in particular:

Street repair and maintenance, ever-increasing water service rates

and formation of a community center that can be utilized by all residents of the city of Sunland Park.